List of Best Selling Budget Android Phones in India


Android has been a driver for smartphone penetration In India. Google has seen tremendous growth for its Android platform In India and it is currently the first choice for any mobile app to be made. Let’s take a look at some of the most affordable Android devices currently selling In India.

Micromax A110


Best Micromax mobile money can buy. Good specifications for the price. Handles large applications and power hungry games like NFS: Most Wanted with ease. At Rs.10,000 it gives you a 5″ screen which you would otherwise find for Rs.30,000. The A110 mimics the looks of Samsung Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Nexus and uses the winning formula of Samsung’s Note series.

Micromax Ninja 4 A87

Micromax Ninja 4 A87

Micromax Ninja 4 is a Dual SIM phone running Android 2.3. It gives very stockish Android without any UI layer added and is a good phone for starters. This phone features a basic 2 megapixel camera and supports VGA Video recording. This phone has a good processor which allows us to play games like Angry Birds and Temple Run.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos

Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos

Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos is the new Dual SIM device from Samsung which allows us to use GSM + CDMA device at once. The great thing about this device is that it allows us to use any CDMA network provider of choice. Being a smartphone with Dual SIM and CDMA capabilities, the Ace Duos targets a rich niche.

Samsung Galaxy Y/ Y Duos


Aimed at entry-level market, the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos has a plastic body but a good 832MHz processor and 290MB for RAM. Good enough specifications for a basic user. This phone might appeal to the youth. Many first time Android users have begun their journey with the Galaxy Young series from Samsung, blockbusters like these are partly responsible for Android’s success In India.

Sony Xperia Tipo/ Tipo Dual


The best hardware quality in the entry-level range. The device has a premium feel to it and the performance is good as well. It can handle some high end games really well. The Tipo series sports a 5MP camera, which does good photos. However the screen resolution on the Tipo / Tipo Dual isn’t the best for its price range. Get some, lose some, the brand of Sony under Rs 10,000 is a good one, especially when it runs Android!