Top 3 Most Searched Android Phones in India

Android is by far the most preferred smartphone platform In India. Given the India specific apps, wide range of handsets and a killer word of mouth factor, Android is growing at over 500% In India. The latest releases from Samsung, HTC and Sony make their way to India soon after the international announcement and often these companies struggle to meet the ever-growing demand for Android phones. Here are the top three Android phones that have most users craving for it:

Samsung Galaxy SIII (SGS3)

Samsung Galaxy SIII

Yes this has been around for a while now, but it is interesting to see it being the bestseller Android device out there. Samsung has ensured that its Galaxy S series is the most sought after Android device year after year. The Galaxy SIII brings a brilliant 8MP camera along with a large 4.8” full touchscreen. Costing Rs 33,500, it is cheaper than the iPhone 5 by Rs 10,000  and gives stiff competition to HTC’s One series.

The Galaxy SIII runs Android 4.0, features a 1.4GHz Quad-core ARM processor backed with 1GB of RAM. The screen has a HD resolution of 720×1280 pixels and the camera can record full HD videos. It certainly offers a killer package to someone looking to buy an Android phone.

HTC One X+

The One X+ is HTC’s upgrade to the original One X that offers a great design, beats audio and a very good display. Powered by a 1.7GHz processor, a 4.7” full touch screen at resolution of 720×1280 and a 8MP full HD capable camera, the HTC One X+ proves to be a better option than the Samsung Galaxy S3 for many.

HTC One X Plus

HTC is widely credited for a better design when compared to the largely plastic body. Samsung devices and music buffs would prefer beats Audio. Offering a better GPU only helps HTC, but the Sense UI on the One X+ is said to slow down the device, however an average user would love the simplicity. There is a lot to love and hate on the HTC One X+, while its pricing is ambiguous, it is certainly one of the most  in demand phones In India at the moment. It is also interesting to see HTC opting for a normal SIM over Micro SIM that Samsung has adopted.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung has mastered the Android market and Note II offering manages to hit a chord with the consumers. Large screens are a trend and Samsung has made the most of it. With a 5.5” full touchscreen, the Note II rules that one spec that attracts so many consumers. It sure is a giant phone and we are often surprised seeing the number of people lining up to pay Rs 36,000 for this device. Just like the Original Samsung Galaxy Note, the Note II defies all logic as a phone, but sells on its media capabilities. A 1.6 GHz processor powers it and that is backed by 2GB of RAM. No wonder it costs more than the SGS3.