Tips to buy an Android Phone in India

With the flood of Android phones in the Indian market, it is trickier than ever before to choose the right smartphone for yourself. Here is our quick checklist to choose your next Android phone In India.

Future Firmware Upgrades:


See that the phone you’re planning to buy has better future upgrade options. Samsung Galaxy SII was launched 2011, still has 4.1 planned upgrade, while the Motorola Razr which was launched in 2012 still has only 4.0 upgrade. If you’re looking for a phone which gets more updates go for a Nexus phone from Google. 

Also look for phones with better development support from forums like XDA-developers, if you are an advanced user and will look for more customization and flashing.

More internal Memory

Most application now support “move to SD” options and are directly stored in the SD card when installed. But there are some applications that need to be installed in the internal memory, as they have widgets and the widgets won’t run if the application is stored in the SD.


If your phone is not having much of the user available internal memory, the apps which doesn’t have move to SD card option will have issues when your run out of internal memory. Look for phones with higher internal memory.

Maximum Bang for your Buck 


Look for higher specs while paying the least, i.e. hunt for more RAM and processor speed. A good example is the Micromax A110. It has a 1GHz dual core processor backed with 512MB RAM, which when compared to the HTC Desire C with 600mhz processor is far too superior knowing that they both are priced at approx Rs 11,000.

Plan your buy according to your need:

Look for higher speed graphics processor if you are into gaming. Likewise look for phones with better multimedia features like Beats Audio, XLoud, Dolby mobile, etc if you want better audio output. A better camera does not mean you should go for a very high megapixel rate, but do check the image quality online before buying if you want a phone that does decent videos and photos.