“The Dual SIM Bolts” by Micromax: A58, A67, A61 & A62

Micromax Bolt A58 is an entry level handset which offers a 3.5 inches 480×320 pixel resolution screen. It has a smaller screen as compared to Bolt A62 and A67. It is powered by… Continue reading

Sony XPERIA Z Ultra – 6.4 inch Android Smartphone!

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Top 5 Quad-Core processor phones in India

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Samsung Galaxy Mega Android Phones

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LG Optimus Dual SIM Android Phones – L7II Dual P715 & L3II Dual E435

LG has been an underdog in the Android smartphone race. With notable exceptions like the Google Nexus 4, LG hasn’t really been in the limelight as much as say, another company that also… Continue reading

Xperia Tablet Z | Water-Dust Resistant | Lightest & Thinnest Android Tablet!

The Sony XPERIA Tablet Z is the company’s fresh attempt to try and make a place for itself in the 10-inch tablet segment, which typically is ruled by the iPad. The Tablet Z… Continue reading

Best Affordable Android Tablets for Kids in India

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3 Cheapest Dual SIM Android Phones in India

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The Galaxy Expands | Meet Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500

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Sony Mobile Phones – Xperia Z & Xperia ZL

Sony has announced two major phones with expected release date to be within a month. Both of these phones are said to be the Sony’s best bets after it has separated Ericsson from… Continue reading